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The Continuing Religious Trauma of Demands for Purity

David Teachout

In this talk we’ll discuss human sexuality, its foundation for human relationships, and how to work through the potential trauma that purity culture perpetuates. The most insidious quality of many religious traditions is a belief in the inherent absence of good in people apart from a connection to deity. Often referred to as ‘sin,’ it is a way of looking at the very nature of our humanity and seeing something rotten, or set apart from what is good and pure. When this is centered on a basic trait like sexuality, a primary way of reflecting on ourselves and how we relate to others becomes cause for shame, malignant self-doubt, and anxiety. 

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Orgasm Gap: Causes and Solutions

Laurie Mintz, Ph.D.

In this presentation, Dr. Laurie Mintz will expose the orgasm gap between cisgender women and men.  She will expose startling statistics and societal causes of this gap.  She will also address the language we use around sex, including the concept of losing one’s virginity and how this contributes to sexual issues such as the orgasm gap.  Dr. Laurie will also reveal scientifically sound methods to empower women to orgasm, both culturally and in individual bedrooms.


Confessions of a Good Girl from the Projects

Mandisa Thomas

Mandisa Thomas will discuss her experiences and exposure to sex at an early age, despite her mother's "attempts" to steer her clear from it. She will also discuss how parents can have better conversations and provide good information about sexual health and desires, especially when they come from vulnerable neighborhoods.


The Sex Addiction Panic and its Religious Roots

Darrel Ray

The Sex Addiction Panic and its Religious Roots.


Aren't you a little old for that? Exploring the experience of a formerly religious Later-in-Life Lesbian

Rebecca Williams

"Aren't you a little old for that?" These were the first words my then-10 year old child said after coming out to her when I was 39 years old. She's right, and also not. Drawing on a combination of personal experience and my expertise as a therapist, in this talk I'll explore the various factors that keep people in religiously conservative groups from exploring and identifying their own identities and orientations.